Tween/YA Fantasy arms of anu

(sequel to Arrow of the Mist Or as a stand-alone read)

LIA yearns for the magic of trees, for freedom from the icy grip of prison, and for the loved ones she believes are lost to her forever. More importantly, if she doesn’t break free, her people are doomed from a tyrant king, the rage of war, and the demon’s spell now worming its way inside her . . .

KELVEN hides in the slums of Anu, striving for a way to save his beloved Liaand friend Wynn. A kingdom of despots, a city going mad, and deceit lurking in every shadow have become his world, but nothing compares to the nightmare he faces when darkness takes root inside Lia . . .


ARMS OF ANU is full of magic, an exciting adventure with rich settings and  characters you’ll love.” -Dawn Lairamore, Author of Ivy’s Ever After, a Bank Street Best Children’s Book of the Year 

“Christina Mercer’s mythical realm in ARMS OF ANU is richly evocative of the natural world and echoes with lore and legend that might have been. Heroine Lia forges her own true path, igniting passion, loyalty and plant-magic where she wanders. A fresh, invigorating fantasy that spellbinds to the last enchanting page!” -Julia Park Tracey, Award-Winning Author, Journalist and Author



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