Author Tips for Writers

Had a little fun with YouTube today :-D. Check out these tips from a handful of well known writers: Stephen King Neil Gaiman Phillipa Gregory Stephenie Meyer Nicholas Sparks

2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest

It’s here again, the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest! Mark your calenders to submit in the Adult or Young Adult categories on January 24th, 2011. (Is it really going to be 2011 already?!?)Winners will land a publishing contract with Penguin :-D, so polish, polish, polish up those manuscripts!!

Journaling Thanks

Writing Forward posted some great journal prompts to show gratitude. Find their site here: Writing Forward I chose the prompt: Appreciating little things like a sunset or a delicious meal is important to me. Some of the little things that I appreciate are… Joking around with my kidsSnuggling with hubbyLaughing with friendsA hot mug of tea Dog noses nudging me … Read More

Not Gonna Let Trends Get Me Down!

My novel writing to date is YA Fantasy–High/Traditional Fantasy to be exact, and I love, love, love this genre. After attending a conference in October where the “What’s trendy in YA Fiction” was discussed (need I say vampires?)in addition to a recent rejection I recieved from an agent who had requested a partial, I started dragging around some major Eeyore … Read More

Fantasy Genres

I found this easy breakdown of Fantasy Genre’s on under Fantasy Books: Subgenres of Fantasy The fantasy fiction is divided into many branches.Fantasy is very popular nowadays, so it’s no wonder it has many subgenres. They are hard to define clearly, so most are just a matter of agreement. You can find most prominent ones and their descriptions below. … Read More

7th Dear Lucky Agent Contest for YA Fiction

Be sure and check out the 7th Dear Lucky Agent Contest for YA novels, hosted by the Guide to Liteary Agent’s Blog. Submission dates are from Oct. 21st through Nov. 3rd, and require a logline (one sentence description) and the first 150-200 words. The Awesome Judge is agent Tamar Rydzinski from the Laura Dail Literary Agency in NYC. Winners receive … Read More

Opportunity has knocked for writing pal

Okay, so I get to brag about one of my writing critique partners. She just landed an agent by submitting a one line pitch to the Operation Awesome blog contest. Here is the link Just goes to show, putting yourself out there works!

9 Must-Follow Manuscript Rules via Writer’s Digest

Awesome check list I had to share: 9 Must-Follow Manuscript RulesSeptember 28, 2010by Anica Mrose RissiHere’s editor Anica Mrose Rissi’s list of what you can do to increase your book’s chances of making it out of the slush pile and into the spotlight. 1. Revise, revise, revise! I don’t want to read your first draft, ever. (Tip: Your novel isn’t … Read More

Pitch Contest

Another contest, this one for a one line pitch. Hurry, only 50 submissions allowed! Pitch Contest

WriteOnCon Conference overview

Okay, I admit, I didn’t view the online conference as it happened. But, I had the immense pleasure of checking out one particular bloggers EXCEPTIONAL recap of the event. Go HERE and click on his links to some of the most helpful lessons/advice/tips on writing (especially for MG & YA)

A Stitch in Time…

From the following link: If you think you don’t have time to write, think again. See what you can produce with a simple set of writing prompts and ten minutes of your time with this creative writing exercise inspired by Rita Dove’s exercise “Ten-Minute Spill.” Write for ten minutes, incorporating a common proverb, adage, or familiar phrase (“between the devil … Read More

Novel Journey Contest

An interesting “Blog” contest for a range of genres. Each winning entry (first chapters of a novel Novel Journey For Middle Grade/Young Adult Category (which is mine), submissions are due by Sept. 10, winner announced Oct. 11.

Critique Group Buzz

A little buzz about Critique Groups… I gotta say, I love mine! I am fortunate to have a group of 5, all writing in the same genre (YA/Middle Grade)and all giving/taking in the most mutally satisfying way. There are always those moments when my nails are down to the nub, but for the most part, I take their advice as … Read More

Tuesday Teaser

Lia and Wynn sped back to Granda’s shop, and the small band set off along the main road leaving Rockberg. Just as Lia had dreaded, numerous villagers gathered close, gawking. Wynn and Kelven drew stares, the sixteen-year-old boys’ presence adding fuel to the chatter. The horses slowed through the growing throng, as if walking through the mire. Lia swallowed hard, … Read More

Teaser Tuesday — #2

Okay, here goes the teaser…(taken from Chap. 1) “You’ve no idea the dangers you face.” Ma’s voice cracked. “It’s too risky, and you’re—” “Nearly sixteen, and a grown woman by all standards. And more capable outdoors than most.” Determination settled like gritstone within Lia. Years of sadness lined Ma’s face. Lia knew Grandma Myrna had sequestered herself in the shrouded … Read More

First 5 Sentences Contest–Win a Critique from agent Barbara Poelle

This contest is through Sophie Littlefield’s blog. Click here for instructions. The first 5 sentences of my novel Arrow of the Mist: A pair of horses charged toward Lia’s cottage. She recognized Da’s friend, Kenneth, and then her insides went cold. Riding beside him, Da’s body lay limp upon his horse. Lia dropped the harvested mallow root and sped from … Read More

WOW! Women on Writing Strongest Start Competition

Deadline is June 8th for this contest judging the first 3 chapters of a novel. They’ve added 3 new Sub-categories for the following genres: Fantasy/Sci-Fi/HorrorRomanceMemoir/Non-Fiction. For details go to: Stongest Start Competition