Briksanna’s Sacrifice by Sabrina Rawson

Introducing a New Adult Fantasy Romance by Sabrina Rawson

(I have to say, I fell in love with this book cover!)

SRawson_BriksannasSacrifice_eCover_900x1350Briksanna’s Sacrifice is a character-driven fantasy romance novel, the first book within a series called A Novel of the Four Realms, about men and women of different realms on a quest to fulfill a prophesy.


He stilled his body, eyes turning a molten green, like an animal ready to pounce before shaking it off knowing he needed to put her needs before his allowing the cool Nate to come to the forefront.  Smiling he picked her up, “Mrs. Angelo, you have made me a very proud man.  I swear I will do all that I can to keep my promise to both you and the Goddess.  Now let’s get you showered, some food in you and a clean change of clothes.  With the way I am feeling right now not necessarily in that order.”

“Warm or hot?” he asked walking into the large bathroom.

“What?”  Licking her lips he wondered what it would feel like to have his arms wrapped around her all night long.  She seemed distracted by his touch before, but now she couldn’t keep her thoughts in the present tense.  She kept projecting her own fantasies of them together under the running water, he was afraid he would lose his cool and jump her.  If she didn’t get her head out of the gutter soon he was going to combust from his own desires boiling inside of him.

He smiled at her knowing she was distracted with her own private thoughts and this touched his heart knowing he excited her with just a thought.  They were the same reasons he was struggling with by putting her basic needs first.  He did not need her attacking him like an animal clearly as her mind was demanding her to do because if she did he wouldn’t last a second.

“Water, warm or hot?”  He repeated poised by the head of the shower stall.

“Warm, please.”  Shaking her head slightly trying to clear her thoughts he figured she should try deep breathing if focusing on the present moment continued to fail her.  Goodness sakes, she was acting like a crazed teenager around him and he liked it.

Suddenly feeling doubtful of her worth to him sobered up her libido real quick.  She stole a quick glance at him hoping to reassure herself of his commitment towards her but he saw her looking at him from the corner of his eyes anyway.

I have got to let go of this self-doubt.  Those thoughts have no place between us in this moment.  If I say that enough times maybe I will believe it?

Setting her down carefully on the bathroom counter, holding her around the waist with one arm he leaned into the shower stall to turn on the water.  She was too quiet for his liking, because after turning the water on he turned back and stared at her.  After a couple of debatable seconds he went with his gut pulling her into a hug wrapping his massive arms around her filling his senses with her scent.  She had endured so much.  He wanted to give her so much and not frighten her with his presence in her life in the process.  He knew he was the man for her and she was the woman for him but she still had a hard time with trusting despite what her heart and mind were saying.  There was still a piece of her she kept hidden.  Some things were just hard for her to let go of.  That he could defiantly understand.

Will she ever trust him enough so they could endure The Prophesy and defeat Lord Drakkoon?  More importantly could he trust her to endure the upcoming battle for the sake for the universe?  What a complete mess this was.  When he dreamed of confronting Bri with the truth of his feelings for her he didn’t count on all of this drama to go with it.  Frowning he thought about where his thoughts were heading.  He would lay down his life for her no matter what, so what the hell was he worried about?  For him there was no one else in the world he would rather spend his days with.  She was the one for him and there was nothing anyone could do or say that would cause him to betray her trust.



Although I have only been physically writing for two years the ideas that conceived my first novel have been percolating in my mind for many years. In many ways I found life experiences influencing my story although written in fantasy format.

Nelson Mandela’s words inspired me:

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

No truer words could have been said. After my first cancer battle three years ago, I was in the frame of mind of surviving trying to get back to my swing of things. Problem was I couldn’t. I wasn’t the same person anymore. Then I relapsed by the end of the first year. Came through that experience exhausted and have had multiple tumors pop up ever since. To say my health being a mental/physical challenge is putting it mild.
I realize what I left behind in that operating room in 2010 was my passion. Cancer can’t take that away, I put it away along with my drive and ambition. My creative muse happily skipped right along with the rest of them. I had to discover myself. Well here I am three years post my first surgery and even if I have to do it again in a few months, so what! I refuse to settle for a life less than what I can create for myself.

I live in Sonoma County heart of the wine country of California enjoying life in the rural land happily married to a wonderful supportive husband. You can always find me reading a book, cooking a meal for our multitude of children or playing with our dog, Taylor.

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