City Slicker…Honeybees

In our very populated world, most honeybees rely on humans to provide their housing. In fact, 90% of the wild honeybees in North America have died off (Varroa mites are hugely responsible for this as well), and beekeepers are losing hives to CCD (colony collapse disorder) every year. Though CCD is still an ongoing challenge, one way to combat the lowering honeybee population is to set up beehives wherever we can. 
In comes the City Slicker Bee!
Urban beekeeping is catching on, opening a whole new “area” for bees to live. Posh hotels in New York City are setting up hives on their rooftops. Check out this article by CBSnews about the Waldorf-Astoria, which plans to harvest its own honey, and along with other rooftop beekeepers, help pollinate the surrounding plants (just think: Central Park). Urban beekeeping now thrives on Melbourne Rooftops as well–see article HERE. For those City Slicker Humans interested in starting up a hive or two, Huffington Post has a great article on Urban Beekeeping for Beginners.

So, no matter where you live, there is a place for honeybees. They promise not to take up too much room, promise to work hard and be friendly (unless they’re being squished or otherwise threatened–and wouldn’t that make you a little grumpy?), and promise to give back far more than they take.

attribution for photo: Chrysler Building by David Shankbone