Emblazon–Stories for Children

emblazonbuttonI am so excited to become a part of the new Emblazon group. Here’s a little “About Us” taken directly from the Emblazon web site:

Emblazon is a collection of authors–some indie, some traditionally published–who have each produced at least one children’s novel. Our audiences range from fifth grade to young adult, but we have a particular focus on ages 11 to 14. Some call them upper middle grade; others call them low young adult. They’re somewhere in the middle and can lean either way. We call them Tweens.

I believe the Tween readership is a special one and deserves attention. “Tweens are ready to empathize, to problem solve, to experience real life in a sheltered way.” Having been described as “Lower YA” or a “Middle Grade Crossover”, my own Arrow of the Mist found a perfect home within the catalog of books found on this site.

Many of the authors are currently participating in a Launch Giveaway (until July 23rd), so if you enjoy Tween books, hurry and enter to win!!