Gearin’ Up to Get an Agent Blog O Rama–Week 2

Week 2 of the Blog O Rama hosted by Deana Barnhart is under way with a Story Chain. We are given assignments and times to post by, basing our post on the excerpt(s) before ours, and each person has to come up with something in as little as 15 min. With the creative juices of so many writers, the final story is sure to be great!!

For the excerpt before me go to A.E. Martin

My assignment:
Have the MC interact with someone or something.
Your words are: tv, chest, brace

They entered the forest and the little flashlight flickered until it died. “Oh no!” Dio said, as darkness enveloped them.

“I was afraid of that,” Roddan said. “Electronics don’t work in a fae forest.”

Dio thought about using her magic light to guide them, but her mother had warned her to use it sparingly, else she’d become sleepy.

“We need a torch,” Dio said. 

They felt around and Roddan found a stick. Recalling a TV episode of Survivorman, Dio gathered enough Spanish Moss at the base of a tree to wrap around the stick. 

“Now for a spark,” she said, bracing herself for the tingle in her body. She focused her light toward the moss until it lit.

“You did it!” Roddan said.

Dio eyed Roddan over the flames and gasped. His shirt was missing and strange markings glowed upon his chest.

For the next excerpt go to Suspending Disbelief