Honey Cake, Medieval Style

IMG_20130809_111456Okay, so the wonderful Indie-Visible collective I belong to has prompted its members to make Pinterest-Pinable posts about FOOD. Yes, because who can resist food, right? But there’s a catch: we have to provide a recipe from one of our books or WIPS (works in progress). So, in light of the fact that all three of my books (1 published, 2 works in progress) contain foods with honey (cuz I’m part honeybee) and my first two books are in a Medieval-like setting, my shared recipe is for a HONEY CAKE. And when I say “cake” think extra flat pancake sweet enough to make your whole body buzzz.

(Modern Translation in Orange)

3 Eggs; 3 Eggs

3/4 filled mug of Honey; 3/4 cup of Honey

Quarter mug of Ground Flour; ¼ cup of Flour

Beat the eggs until extra frothy. Gradually add most of the honey to let mixture thicken. Fold in flour and pour mixture in small greased pan with edges (cake tin). Set pan in hot embers for the time it takes one candle to burn down, checking often to make sure the edges of your cake do not blacken (Heat in pre-heated 350 degree oven for 35-40 minutes, checking to make sure the edges don’t burn). Remove from heat, drizzle rest of honey on top, and cut into pieces when cooled enough to eat.

This is super sweeeeet. Nibbles are yummy, big bites a sweet-tooth’s delight, and a large helping will have you plowing a field or storming a castle with ease!