Honey Queen Official Release!

Release Day for YA Fantasy/Romance HONEY QUEEN

HQ coverHONEY QUEEN is a young adult journey that delves into the connection between nature and humanity, love and friendship, and ultimately life and death. Melaina Maris–savior to honey bees–is spun into a swarm of mythic power where love brings pain and every choice ends in loss. Her fate was set by a goddess-created bloodline, ancient and cursed, sweet and venomous, and narrowed to its last fertile daughter.

The queen must mate.

A drone must die.

So a new daughter can carry on the line.

Sacrifice for the good of the hive.

But there is wisdom to be found in an ocean of history and in the healing magic of ambrosia, and the last queen might prove strong enough to overrule the first.

A Regional SCBWI “Best in Show”
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