NaNoWriMo–Days 1 & 2

Wow, for a new-bee (pun intended) at NaNoWriMo, I’m feeling pretty jazzed. This “write 1,700 words a day” thing is a whole new experience for me. Never before have I written to the ticking of the clock. But so far, the pressure has done me well. I’ve already achieved my quota for two days with words to spare, Woot-Woot! As soon as the word-counter-Nano-widget is available I’ll post it and keep it up to date.

Probably the hardest thing for me at this point is to push ahead without going back to edit. Oh, I’ve fixed a word or two, but all in all I’m really trying to discipline myself to just get the words down. Since I had already started the manuscript (about 50 pages/15,000 words in) before NaNo, I was already heading into the Middle Zone (aka Act 2, Part 1). My young adult manuscript should total out at about 60,000+ words (200+ pages) when it’s finished, so NaNo should take me all the way to the end. Hard to believe it’s possible, but I’m being extra open-minded about this ;-D

Would love to hear how others are doing? Or how you did with a past NaNoWriMo.