Using “I Wish” To Create Story

“I wish” is a simple, yet effective way to spark a story line. The answer attributed to any one character defines his/her need or desire for something out of reach or beyond his/her control; it identifies what a character wants most to become happy (or at least not unhappy) and sheds light on the intensity of his/her feelings. Wishes are, … Read More

Indie-Visible 2.0 Hard Launch

Hey writers! Did you know you can visit Indie-Visible’s PubHub to build your own publishing team? Indie-Visible is giving extra focus to the PubHub side of things and want to give a big shout out to our AWESOME TEAM OF FREELANCERS. Indie authors can use this list of highly recommended professionals to “Build Their Publishing Team” and gain assistance in … Read More

Sales & Use Tax–For Writers

I had meant to post this much sooner, but for all those last minute-ers and/or for useful reference for next year, Sales & Use Tax Reports are due January 31st. No worries if you live in one of the five no-sales-tax-states: Oregon, Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire (luckeeee). I live in California, which has the HIGHEST STATEWIDE MINIMUM SALES TAX … Read More