The Awesome Indies Grand Opening Party


You’re invited to the Awesome Indies Grand Opening Party—a sale of 26 top reads at just 99 cents each, plus 5 days of fun. See the new website, meet the authors, join them for games, giveaways and giggles and be in the draw to win the latest generation Kindle.

The Awesome Indies have found a way to take the risk out of buying indie. If it’s Awesome Indies Approved (AIA), a qualified publishing industry professional has determined that it’s as good as anything produced by the mainstream. Readers need no longer wonder if that book is really worth downloading. If a book is listed on the Awesome Indies, then it’s worth your time.

Click on the banner, or this link, to visit the Awesome Indies to browse the huge 99c sale and learn what you have to do to be in the draw for a Kindle Paperwhite.

Check out what will be going on each day below: (note: links will not be active until the actual “day”)

Aug 21st

First day of the event, woot-woot!  Get on over there now—->> link

Aug 22nd

Who is the piano playing dog? Visit the Awesome Indies Grand Opening Party today to find out. Watch an amazing video and vote on the best explanation for who the dog is and what he’s doing.

Click here and be ready to laugh! 😀

Also, don’t forget to check out the 99c sale.

Aug 23rd

Do you enjoy quizzes? Then visit the Awesome Indies for a fun quiz on day three of their Grand Opening Party.

Click here to join the fun.

And while you’re there check out the 99c sale, and see what else the site has to offer.

Aug 24th

Day four of the Awesome Indies Grand Opening party is meet the author day. Pop over and find out the difference between indie and self-publishing, watch a crazy video and read the author’s stories.

Click here to get acquainted with everyone.

Of course, the 99c sale is still on, too!

Aug 25th

Win a Kindle Paperwhite at the Awesome Indies Grand Opening Party. Last day today!!

Tomorrow, the wonderful books in the Awesome Indies Grand Opening sale go back to their usual price at $2 or $3 more than their present 99c. Visit today to grab a bargain, pick up some free booty and be in the draw for a Kindle Paperwhite.

Click here to head over there now.