Video Pitch…Take 50! And remember the "Dom, Dom, Dom Rule"

So, my friend and fellow writer Angelica R. Jackson was kind enough to offer her video skills to film my video pitch. I honestly don’t know how actors manage their nerves and then get through a zillion takes of the same material without tearing their hair out. After numerous attempts, I finally got it right…only to find out I was pushing the wrong remote button and nothing got filmed! But, after a few more attempts, I managed to film one that worked (though my inner critic still sees flaws in my delivery–eyeballs following a cue-card, speaking too fast, etc.) Guess it’s a good thing I write instead of act ;-).

One piece of advice Angelica had offered was to rehearse in an extra exaggerated voice, like in a movie trailor, so some of that enthusiasm carries into the actual pitch. She used the famous, “dom, dom, dom” doom-around-the-corner phrase to describe the gist of the exercise. So, I’ve coined it the Dom, Dom, Dom Rule as a great way to prepare for pitching your work.

To view my first ever video pitch, go here.